• Forgiveness


    Justin relaxed onto Dr. Crosby’s leather chair, trying his best to appear nonchalant about seeing a counselor. This only left him feeling a bit stupid because no one was in the room yet to see just how nonchalant he was. The chair had a worn-in ditch that conformed to Justin’s body and was a perfect …Enjoy »
  • Cheap Sunglasses

    Cheap Sunglasses

    Vicky quietly made her way to the front of the classroom, unbeknownst to her sixth grade English teacher, Miss Dunning. Her teacher, a fashionable woman in her mid-fifties, was well known throughout the school for being quite easy going and happily independent. Both characteristics that would soon be tested by her lingering student. She was …Enjoy »
  • Please Bear With Me

    Please Bear With Me

    This Thrift Store Thursday post is of a little porcelain bear figurine that is all dressed up and ready for a night on the town. Unfortunately, he seems to be unable to remember many of the details that brought him to this moment in time. PLEASE BEAR WITH ME If you could, please bear with …Enjoy »
  • End School Zone

    End School Zone

    Jerry lifted his right foot off the gas and quickly pressed the brake with his left in a simultaneous movement. His dog, Oven, whose head was out the window enjoying the wind in his face, lurched forward and knocked his skull against the window frame. The black Labrador retriever winced in pain and looked over …Enjoy »
  • What Do Homeschool Dads Do?

    What Do Homeschool Dads Do?

    What Does A Homeschool Dad’s Do?  You may be asking, “What do homeschool dads do?” as you begin to look into whether homeschooling is the right option for you and your family, or your family might already be homeschooling but you still haven’t found where you belong in the process. I’m happy to say that …Enjoy »
  • Don’t Break Your Kids

    Don’t Break Your Kids

    Kids break things. No shocker there to the seasoned parent, but a truth that must be understood by everyone seeking the parenting title. If you honor your sanity and resting heart rate, then you must learn that the impending destruction of your valuables is nigh. Closer than you may think. For example: A few years …Enjoy »
  • Bread, Balloons, or Both

    Bread, Balloons, or Both

    Some of my better memories as a kid just so happen to have happened at a graveyard. You see, my mom would take my brother and me to visit her brother's grave every once and awhile. He passed away in 1981, just a few days’ shy of Christmas, and about a month after my 2nd …Enjoy »